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Relieve inflammation,pain, swelling of the skin

Flaxseed Oil contains Omega3, 6, 9. in the suitable proportion for
dogs and cats that need to maintain special nourishing for healthy skin and hair,
especially in the treatment of skin inflammation, allergy and hair fall.

The Benefits of BioDerm:
►Strengthen the immune system to increase the healing rate of slow lesion
►Maintain levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).
►Reduce inflammation of the muscles.
►Nourish joints, reduce pain and joint pain.
►Revitalize bone, marrow, and teeth in good conditions
►Protect against bacteria, fungi and virus.
► Maintain healthy skin, shiny hair, skin moisturizing and reduce the itchy from skin dryness, flaky rash or skin infections
►Prevent the intestinal infections and the digestive systems from pathogenic bacteria.

Supplements For Dog and Cat

Usage:  1 spoon (5 gram) per 3 kilo body weight of animal per day

Net wt : 250 g