Control all kinds of parasites and algae


A most effective parasite controller for both fresh and marines.  It can control Ticodina, Chilodonella, Gyrodactylus, Dactyrogylus, Scyphidia, Anchor worm, Fish louse, Leeches, water insect, and etc.  It also controls long hairy algae and planktonic algae in fishponds, thus helps in balancing of oxygen.

Protocide, when properly used can also control shrimp parasites and induce molting.  (Only on shrimps above 3 inch or 7.5 cm.) 
Appearance : Liquid

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Net Weight 1 Litre (ฺBottle)



Gross weight: 1000 g., 0 × 0 × 0cm.
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Net Weight 5 Litres (Gallon)



Gross weight: 5000 g., 0 × 0 × 0cm.
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Net Weight 20 Litres (Gallon)



Gross weight: 20000 g., 0 × 0 × 0cm.
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How to use Protocide

1. Sea cage culture:  Pour 10 cc into every ton (m3) of cages volume during no tide.
2. Sea fishpond:  Use 1 litre for every 200 ton (m3) of water volume.
3. Fresh water fishpond:  Use 1 litre for every 250 ton (m3) of water volume.
4. Sea shrimp pond:  Use 1 litre for every 250 ton (m3)  of water volume.
5. Fresh water shrimp pond:  Use 1 litre for every 300 ton (m3) of water volume.
6. As 3 minutes dip on fish:  Use 1 cc per 1 litre water.  Dip sick fish on alternative days until cured.
Recommendation: It is advisable to use PROTOCIDE every 15 days to eliminate external parasites, which may result high mortality.
Remark : Do not use PROTOCIDE in any shrimp under 3 inch or 7.5 cm.

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