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  • Miracle Lime

      As carbonate hardness, alkalinity, and magnesium are being consumed by the living organism such as your shrimps and plankton daily, therefore they have to be added…

  • Super Ich

      For treatment of white spots, closed fins, and fungus in all kinds of fish.   Appearance : Liquid  

  • AAP #3 (Pond)

      A special larval feed with probiotic formulated for use in shrimp pond. This product is produced in low temp condition, therefore it contains probiotic which gives…

  • Recommended
  • Protocure

      For treatment of gill fluke, body fluke, anchor worm, fish louse, and trichodina. This product is safe for use in all kinds of sensitive fish, such as arrowana, my…

  • GoldShrimp 88

        A color enhancer feed additive to improve shrimp color. Especially in fresh water area or low salinity area where shrimp color is gray. GOLD SHRIMP 88 can i…


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