Featured Products

  • Aquazyme 244

      A complete multivitamin additive with enzyme and probiotic bacteria to improve shrimp health. AQUAZYME 244 can improve shrimp appetite, growth rate, good color, fi…

  • MicroZyme AquaClear (500 mg./tablet)

        A natural enzyme with biological bacteria to prevent ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate by bio antioxidant and bio anti toxication method.  Also contains th…

  • BioCond

        A biological natural water conditioner to give natural water color to ease the stress of all kinds of fish.  This product contains plant extract, biolo…

  • AAP #1

      A biological shrimp fry food which can build up immune system to shrimp’s health by preventing pathogenic bacteria attack and at the same time, the waste wil…

  • Discus Gold

      A yellow gold color enhancer discus food to enhance yellow base Discus to give deeper gold color, it also enhances red color to become more bright.  This prod…

  • A.D.P. #3

            A.D.P. is a high protein of 55% granular food with PSB to enhance high survival rate and fast growth. This food is most suitable for all kinds…


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