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  • Aquazyme 244

      A complete multivitamin additive with enzyme and probiotic bacteria to improve shrimp health. AQUAZYME 244 can improve shrimp appetite, growth rate, good color, fi…

  • BioWay For Aquarium Fish

      A biological remedy to prevent and cure all kinds of bacterial disease such as vibriosis aeromonas, and psudomonas in all kinds of fish, especially in hole disease…

  • GoldShrimp 88

        A color enhancer feed additive to improve shrimp color. Especially in fresh water area or low salinity area where shrimp color is gray. GOLD SHRIMP 88 can i…

  • BioTonic For Shrimp Hatchery

      BioTonic - a biological water conditioner to be used when releasing nauplii to hatchery tank and every change of stage, such as from zoa to mysis and mysis to p/l…